Our Services

We are professional local specialists and from our knowledge and research will advise you:

  • If you are selling – the best price you are realistically likely to achieve in the current market and how best to promote your property to achieve a successful sale. We will also advise what steps you should take to make sure everything is ready to conclude a sale when a buyer has been found.
  • If you are buying - having discussed with you, your budget, the type of property you require and its purpose, we will communicate with you, what you can expect to buy within your budget, the best location to suit your requirements, and supply you with details of what is available.

Whether you are selling or buying we will stay in regular contact with you and act as your local agent in dealing with prospective buyers/sellers and their professional advisers. If you wish we will also assist in your travel arrangements to Bulgaria and, if you’re buying, the viewing of properties of interest to you.

We offer the following services:

  • Referrals to solicitors and other legal advisors*
  • Our legal advisors will:
    • Execute due diligence on all properties prior to purchase for any encumbrances, caveats, restrictions and easements.
    • Manage and Finalize all legal matters: draft/preliminary contracts, full contracts, title deeds and ownership transfers, payment of taxes and stamp duty, transfer of utilities
  • Although we recommend you engage our company solicitors as we have partnered with them for many years and thus have proven to be competent and trustworthy, if you wish to appoint your own legal representatives you are welcome to do so.
  • Property Management
  • Legal Aid and Immigration Aid Services Referrals*
  • Accommodation and Transfer Services Arranged on demand
  • Building/Architectural and Interior design company referrals*
  • Referrals* to companies that aid in changing the designated land use/status of a plot of land.
  • Home and contents insurance referrals*
  • Mortgage/home lender institution referrals*


* For all referrals Varna Sea invest Ltd. remains and will remain non-beneficial.

It is merely a suggestion of companies who have provided a competent and professional service for our clients in the past.