About Us

Varna Sea Invest Ltd. is a real estate agency based in Varna, Bulgaria specializing in residential property sale and purchase. We believe everyone is unique and so are their circumstances and consequent needs. Our company caters for its clients by believing in the personal touch, as opposed to applying a standard template. As every client is treated on a personal level, the company focuses on creating long lasting relationships, with after care always in mind. Varna Sea Invest Ltd. listens to its clients actively and will always gladly go out of its way to do what is necessary to ensure that its clients are satisfied. Our values are built around honesty and transparency. We relay the market circumstances in a realistic manner and our clients are dealt with the utmost confidentiality and respect.

Our Story

The founder of Varna Sea Invest Ltd. worked in real estate sales since graduating the University of Economics in Varna in 2005. He has specialized in residential property on the Black Sea coast. As sole principal he is able to provide clients with a service that fully complies with his principles of honesty and integrity. 


Our mission is to engage our clients proactively and build long lasting relationships based on trust and integrity.